Tuesday, February 4, 2014

.pizza + homemade dough.

Ok, so while I have been a major slacker in the blog world I have still been cooking it up at home. We love love pizza and when I saw this pioneer woman post I decided its about time I try to make my own crust and try out some new recipes. This was a lot to tackle in one day but it was for my mom's birthday so it was well worth the extra effort. The crust was much easier than anticipated but does need to be made a few days in advance so some pre-planning is needed. Also, both of these pizza recipes are vegetarian, it was good but next time around I would add some meat. Meat is good. Try it out for yourself and enjoy! Now since I'm lazy and pioneer woman is awesome here are direct links to each recipe.
Eggplant/tomato pizza + dough
Grilled Vegetable Pizza
And a little hint. Add goat cheese to each pizza after it is cooked. I heart cheese.

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